RPS Blog Info plugin uncovers post ID, more

Today Red Pixel Studios released RPS Blog Info, a WordPress plugin that uncovers useful information about blogs, posts, pages and even attachments and collects it all in a convenient spot right on the WordPress toolbar.
The plugin is our fourth freely available add-on for the popular Web software.
Some of the information the plugin displays is difficult to find, such as the post ID for pages and posts. Other info is more readily available, but having it all in one spot on the WordPress Toolbar is nice.
Learn more about what the plugin does on the RPS Blog Info page.
Admittedly, many users may not find this plugin to be an earth-shattering addition to the WordPress community. If you’ve never needed a post ID or blog ID, you’re probably one of those users.
Guess what?  We did need that info, so we developed a plugin to get it.  We’re using it for another plugin now in the works that is a little higher on the scale of earth-shattering plugins, so stay tuned.