Get more followers with a Social Media Makeover

Bring your social media pages in line with your other marketing materials with a Social Media Makeover.

Give your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages a professional, polished appearance that is consistent with your branding.

All too often organizations overlook the importance of their social media pages by uploading a photo and a logo without much thought before moving on.

Most likely your website links to your social media pages, inviting people to visit. Be sure those pages give a positive impression and lead to the desired outcome – a Like or Follow.

If you do not have a website and Facebook is your only web presence, you absolutely need a distinct page that conveys legitimacy and builds stature.

Red Pixel Studios will design your social media pages using your visual identity to build your brand with your fans and followers.

  • Facebook: Create the Cover Photo and Profile Picture.
  • Twitter: Create the Header Photo, Profile Photo, and Background Image.
  • YouTube: Create Channel Art.
  • Google+: Create Profile Photo and Cover Photo
  • LinkedIn: Create Logo Image and Banner Image>

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