RPS Text Messages


RPS Text Messages works with a WordPress website to provide an effective, economical way to directly communicate with your audience using informational alerts and marketing messages.

Direct and Immediate

Text messages — also known as SMS (for Short Message Service) — are direct and immediate. Your message will be read by a vast majority of subscribers within 15 minutes.

Impressive Response Rates

SMS response rates are impressive — anywhere from 82% to 98%. Messages that include a link achieve a click-through rate of 36%. For comparison, email campaigns typically get an open rate around 20% and click-through rate of just 2%.

Read Rates

Click-Through Rates


Flexible Sign-Ups

People can subscribe to your list by texting to your dedicated number or you can add new subscribers with a simple form on your website.

Subscriber Lists

Create any number of topics or interests that fit your messaging strategies. Subscribers choose from among your lists when they sign up.


Use your WordPress admin to easily manage subscribers, lists, and messages. If you don’t have a WordPress site we will provide a dedicated admin console.

Dedicated Number

Messages are sent from a dedicated ten-digit phone number exclusive to you, so subscribers can bookmark your phone number.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication allows subscribers to reply to your text messages for feedback and engagement.

Send Rate

Messages are sent at a rate of up to 30 per second, so your urgent messages get out quickly. Many providers can only deliver at rates of 1 to 3 messages per second, meaning it could take hours to deliver to a large list.


Set up your messages to be sent at a future date and time, adding convenience for you as well as enabling you to deliver your messages for maximum engagement.

About Two-Way Communication

Keyword Responses

Automatic responses can be configured based on keywords within a reply, including both static and dynamic responses. Dynamic responses can vary based on specified conditions.

As an example, a reply containing “store hours” could return a static message with your hours of operation, or a dynamic message that adds whether you are currently closed or open for business.

Set a default response to be sent to any messages that do not include one of your keywords. You might use the default reply to provide a menu of reply options, or a basic message such as “Messages are not monitored, please call 888-555-1212.”

Non-Subscriber Responses

Automatic responses can also be sent to non-subscribers. You can promote your dedicated number in an advertisement for an informative, interactive messaging experience.

Or create a scenario where you use automatic keyword responses to provide information about your lists and enable non-subscribers to sign up according to their interests.

Try a Demo

For a demonstration of interactive messaging, text “hello” to 1-844-732-8398.


Pricing is based on the amount of messages you send each month. We offer a number of plans so that you may choose one that best fits your needs.


1,000 SMS/month

  • 5¢/SMS overage

3,000 SMS/month

  • 3.5¢/SMS overage

7,500 SMS/month

  • 2.5¢/SMS overage

15,000 SMS/month

  • 2¢/SMS overage

Additional packages are available. Contact us for more information.

All plans include unlimited subscribers and lists. Change your plan at any time as your audience grows. There is no setup fee and no contract — you may cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you count the messages I send?

Each text message fewer than 160 characters is equal to one delivery to one phone number. If you were to send a message to 10 phone numbers, it would count as 10 text messages.

A message with more than 160 characters (and fewer than 320) is split into two messages and thus counts as two deliveries. A character counter alerts when the message is too long for a single text delivery.

What are Lists?

Lists are simply different topics or interests that you define. Subscribers choose which lists they want to be on when they sign up at your Web site.

When you create a new message, you choose which list or lists will receive the message. We check for duplicates to make sure a subscriber won’t get repeat messages if you send to multiple lists to which they belong.

Can users change their lists?

Yes. Subscribers can modify their lists any time by visiting your Web site.

Is there a contract?

No. There are no contracts to sign and you may cancel at any time.

Is there a set up fee?

No. There is no fee to establish service.

What if I don’t have a WordPress site?

No problem. We will set up a dedicated site from which you can send your text messages and manage subscribers.

Can I send messages from my mobile phone?

Yes. The responsive CMS is mobile-friendly, so it’s easy to send a new text message from any mobile phone.

Connecting with our customers with timely and useful information is so much easier and more efficient with RPS Text Messages. Customers have come to rely upon texts to receive important outage restoration information, for instance. It’s become an essential tool in our communication arsenal.

Sonya Dixon
Public Relations & Communications Manager
Owensboro Municipal Utilities

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