Project Approach

Red Pixel Studios provides estimates at no charge. For large or complex projects we will deliver a formal proposal. Because there can be different approaches to most projects, we are happy to revise a proposal as necessary to fit your resources. Smaller projects may be estimated verbally or via email.

Contact us for a free estimate.

We will not begin a project without your express approval and may require a deposit.

Budget Estimates

We provide estimates as a range of hours that we, in good faith, believe will be required to execute a solution to meet your requirements. The actual cost of your project may be lesser or greater depending on factors that may include changes to the requirements or constraints, as well as information discovered during project execution. We charge only for work that we actually perform, not based on an estimate. 

Project Timelines

We provide timeline estimates as a range of weeks that we believe will be required to complete a project based on our experience with similar work. The actual time required to complete your project may be lesser or greater, in part depending on the cooperation we have from our clients. For projects where a time constraint is provided, we can certainly discuss how to ensure that we have a successful outcome. Of course, we do have other clients’ projects but with cooperation we are excellent on deadlines.