RPS Include Content Plugin

The RPS Include Content plugin makes it easy to create and invoke an include file when you need to incorporate the same content across many posts or pages in your WordPress site.

Instead of continually pasting the same content into each new post or page you can now insert a shortcode where that content should appear. When you modify your source text, changes will appear on all pages that contain the shortcode. There’s no need to open and modify multiple pages.

RPS Include Content distinguishes the included content in the WordPress Administration with an indicator in the right margin as well as an on-hover highlight. In the preview, links are provided to make it easy to view or edit the source content. The preview of the include will not distort the target page – the width, height and position will remain as defined by the site.

The shortcode you insert must include the post ID (and blog ID for multisite environments). To easily obtain the post ID and blog ID, use our free RPS Blog Info plugin, which places that information (and much more) on the WordPress Toolbar.

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