Identity Creation Establish a strong identity to build your brand

A corporate identity is the foundation upon which a company’s brand is established. Creating a strong identity – and using it properly and consistently – is essential to building loyalty.

We work with our clients to discover where their brand is now and what they want it to be. With those findings, we may develop a new logo and related identity items, or may evolve an existing visual system to represent the desired brand.

Types of logos

Generally, logos fall into one of three types, although there are exceptions.

Wordmark Logo: Spirits at the Miller House


A wordmark or text-based logo consists of only text and sometimes a supporting element such as a horizontal rule.

Icon+Text Logo: Owensboro Chamber

Icon + Text

A logo combination that pairs a custom designed icon representing the client and a wordmark of the organization name.

Badge Logo: Owensboro Public Schools


A style of logo that incorporates the organization’s name into the confines of a badge or symbol.

File formats

Corporate identity is the most important work we do. We work with you to deliver a striking logo as unique as the company it will represent, transferable to any medium without loss of quality or strength. To that end, we deliver your logo in numerous file formats and color modes appropriate for print or digital use.

Vector Logo
A vector file has paths that can be scaled to any size.


A vector file is a format that describes images as shapes and paths, making it scalable to any size without loss of quality. Vector files are ideal for print, especially on large format items such as signs and billboards. We provide your logo in PDF and EPS file formats.

Bitmap Logo
An over-scaled bitmap image with jagged edges.


Bitmap images are flattened, pixel-based files that cannot be scaled without loss of quality – they can only be as large as the number of pixels they contain. We do not recommend using bitmap files for print, however some desktop publishing programs can only support bitmap logos. For that reason, we will provide high-resolution JPG files.

Compressed bitmap files are used on websites to reduce load time. We provide your logo in compressed JPG and transparent PNG file formats for digital use.

Identity Package

Keep the brand momentum going by extending your new identity to your most commonly used and widely seen print materials. We design custom letterhead, envelopes, business cards – and more – that beautifully complement a new or existing logo.