We protect your site and your visitors with top-notch security measures

At Red Pixel Studios, we are serious about the security of our clients’ sites. For new RPS Hosting customers* using WordPress, we include a Web site firewall and malware scanner as well as two-factor authentication. RPS Hosting also includes daily backups.

Included Security

Two-Factor Authentication

We include Clef Two-Factor Authentication to give an extra layer of security, preventing brute-force attacks. Two-factor authentication requires WordPress editors to use their registered mobile phones to log in, verifying that they are authorized users. Clef eliminates the vulnerability of passwords and makes logging in incredibly easy.

Secure Certificate

A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate offers strong encryption to protect transactions and confidential data while in transmission  and are supported by more than 99% of browsers. A SSL certificate gives users confidence in your site and can improve search engine positioning, as Google now boosts the page rank of secure sites compared to non-secure sites.

Advanced Security

To help keep your WordPress site safe, we include Advanced Security powered by Sucuri – a monitoring and protection plan that protects against malware, injected SEO spam, phishing lure pages, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and much more. Learn more about Advanced Security powered by Sucuri.

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* Beginning in June 2016, Advanced Security is included in RPS Hosting. Advanced Security is available to RPS Hosting customers who began prior to that date for an additional monthly fee.