More Effective Measurement Improve how you evaluate the performance of your site

You need to know how your site is performing – what users are doing. We can help you understand what works and what doesn’t so that you can make better decisions about your website and marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics is the most widely used tool for tracking and reporting traffic on a website or app, but is a complex application. The amount of data available  – and how to access it – can be overwhelming to those who don’t regularly use Analytics or have time to figure it out. 

What’s more, many people are not using the right metrics to properly measure the performance and successes of their website. (Hint: the number of pages viewed is not a valuable measurement statistic for most sites.)

Red Pixel Studios can help make using Google Analytics much easier and more worthwhile. With a Google Analytics certified professional on staff, we have proven expertise.

We can help make Google Analytics work better for you by:

  • Establishing event tracking to measure the specific activities that matter to you
  • Creating goals to more easily monitor how your site achieves its main objectives
  • Filtering “bad” traffic to make your data more accurate and reports more meaningful
  • Analyzing your reports on a regular basis to discover opportunities to improve your website

Contact us to learn more about getting an advanced setup of Google Analytics for your Web site.