Red Pixel Studios delivers firsts with apps for Fetta Specialty Pizza, Show-Me’s Check-in feature introduces iBeacon technology to Owensboro

The latest version of the apps for Fetta Specialty Pizza  and Show-Me’s restaurant offers a new feature that enables loyal customers to earn rewards for frequent visits to the Owensboro restaurants.
While check-in and loyalty programs are nothing new, Red Pixel Studios introduced a technology that is a first for the Owensboro area – proximity detection using iBeacons – first with the Fetta app and soon after with the Show-Me’s app.
iBeacons are low-powered transmitters that can notify nearby devices of their presence using Bluetooth low-energy proximity sensing to transmit a universally unique identifier. In other words, it’s a small device that can sense when a compatible phone or tablet is nearby and can trigger an action, such as a check-in.
The Fetta and Show-Me’s apps were developed by Red Pixel Studios of Owensboro and are available to users at no cost on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more about RPS Restaurants, an affordable solution that gives restaurants a dedicated, custom-built app.
“Traditionally, check-in features for apps have used GPS technology to determine a user’s latitude and longitude,” said Pablo Gallastegui, developer at Red Pixel Studios. “With a loyalty program that offers real rewards for repeat visits we needed a much more precise level of detection, which we could only attain using iBeacons.’
Only when a customer who has the app on their phone is close enough to the iBeacon are they able to check in. If they are just out of range, a message will tell them they are nearby but not close enough to check in. Red Pixel Studios is able to adjust the range and sensitivity of the iBeacon.
“This obviously presents a distinct advantage for the restaurateur,” noted Gallastegui.
Users of the Fetta app can check-in on repeat visits to earn rewards that include free bread knots, a free slice of pizza, and a free calzone. Frequent visitors to Show-Me’s can earn rewards that include free wings, a free small one-topping pizza, a free large one-topping pizza, and a 20-person wing party.