Red Pixel Studios contributes to WordPress 3.6

A new version of WordPress was released last week and Red Pixel Studios was listed among the many contributors to the latest edition of the Open Source, community-driven content management system software.

A release describes WordPress 3.6, also known as “Oscar,” and lists the people and organizations that helped make this latest version possible. Look through the names under “The Band” and there we are! (Skip to the Rs if you are in a hurry.)
WordPress 3.6 includes improved revision tracking, bullet-proof autosave and post locking, and native support for audio and video embeds, among other features.
We found a flaw in which restoring the revision of a post did not update who had last edited the post. We submitted a patch for the bug that was eventually – after a long development process for the improved revision tracking – rolled into WordPress 3.6.
We are proud to offer our expertise – which includes continual development of our RPS Framework for client sites and a line of RPS plugins for developers and site managers – to contribute to the WordPress community.