New identity for Dalishas Desserts is sweet

Red Pixel Studios recently unveiled a new identity for Dalishas Desserts, a dine-in bakery and dessert café opening in late spring in Owensboro.
Dalishas Desserts will feature specialty cakes and desserts that are all handmade using the freshest and finest ingredients – no box mixes or bucket icing.
Owner and certified pastry chef Alisha Hardison started Dalishas Desserts as a home-based business a few years ago, making desserts for friends and acquaintances. She found success as word quickly spread, forcing her to sometimes turn customers away.
Alisha entered a business plan competition sponsored by eMerging Ventures, a program of the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation. She won, earning the opportunity to open a storefront at the Centre for Business and Research at 1010 Allen Street.
With the commitment to establishing her business came the understanding that she should have a professionally designed logo. Alisha selected Red Pixel Studios to develop the identity for Dalishas Desserts.
Alisha told us that she preferred a more whimsical style and hoped to continue using her existing color scheme of red, pink and brown. She wanted to incorporate a cake into the logo so that customers would recognize that Dalishas Desserts specializes in desserts and decorative cakes. We determined together that a retro emblem style would be a perfect representation of her bakery for many years to come.
Dalishas Desserts is known for intricately designed decorative cakes. We wanted to show that detail while still allowing for a logo to be used at a small scale.
We developed an identity for Dalishas Desserts in two parts – a retro-styled name badge and an embellished cake illustration. The badge provides the unique look Alisha wanted, while the intricately decorated layered cake conveys the artistry in her work. Both are garnished with scrollwork to accentuate and unify the elements.
For smaller scale applications such as business cards or box stickers, we separated the name badge as a stand-alone element. On its own, it still carries the intricate style and whimsical nature of the brand.
We can’t wait for spring to come for the official opening of Dalishas Desserts! Until then, Dalishas Desserts is taking orders for decorative cakes and other tempting treats. Contact her at [email protected].