Kenergy’s website gets a fresh new look

Red Pixel Studios launched a new website for Kenergy Corp on September 7, updating a site we had previously developed for the energy provider with a modern look and improvements in organization.

Kenergy is an electric cooperative based in Owensboro, serving nearly 60,000 members across 14 counties in Western Kentucky. Kenergy is one of 24 rural electric distribution cooperatives in Kentucky, which together provide electricity for 1.5 million Kentuckians in 117 of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

Kenergy's website on a tablet

Because we have worked with Kenergy for several years, we were familiar with the needs of their members and the breadth of information that Kenergy needed to deliver through the new website. We worked with Kenergy to improve the logic of the website to make it easier for Kenergy members to find information.

We delivered a custom design to incorporate the characteristics that Kenergy wanted in the new website. We were able to evolve the design from the previous site to maintain visual identity, with bigger, bolder elements on the home page and inside page templates that allow more room for content. The design improvements make the site more welcoming and the information easier to consume.

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