Email Acceptable Use Policy

Red Pixel Studios provides email hosting services through Rackspace.

Customers who use our hosted email service must follow the Rackspace Acceptable Use Policy which can be found at

Below we have highlighted the actions that users should avoid to prevent violations. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to [email protected].

Email Acceptable Use Policy Highlights

You may not:

  • Send messages of similar content to more than two hundred and fifty (250) recipients.
  • Use a third party other than an authorized Rackspace partner to send Bulk Mail that references a Mail Service email address or that has a Mail Service return email address.
  • Intentionally use your Mail Service for the purpose of receiving bulk email from others.
  • Send unsolicited email.
  • Obscure the source of your email in any manner.
  • Distribute offensive content.
  • Send email of any kind to a person who has indicated that they do not wish to receive it.
  • Probe, scan, or test systems for vulnerabilities.
  • Fail to use reasonable security precautions in connection with your use of the Services, such as a desktop virus scanner and firewall.
  • Share a single mailbox among multiple users.