Pro Tip: Do not use images in your email signature

We have been asked a number of times to create images for email signatures to promote a product, app, or website, or even to stylishly display basic contact information.

This sounds like a fun project with boundless creative possibilities – and one that would generate revenue.

But each time we have demurred and explained why with these reasons:

  • When an email is replied to, images are often not included. It might end up looking something like this:
Jamie Wells
Chief Marketing Officer

If that image has any important information, it has a short lifespan. You lose the effectiveness of that image as it travels – what is image002.png?

  • When you add an image to your signature, the email indicates there is an attachment. This may confuse the recipient into thinking there is a document or image with the email, when there really is not.
  • Many people do not load images automatically in email, for spam/security reasons. They might never see your signature image.
  • When you send photos/images to people and they save them in bulk, they also get your signature image, which probably annoys them.

Simpler is better – Just use text

It is so much friendlier to use only text in your signature. 

It will have a better chance of being seen and won’t annoy people.

If you want to get people to a web page to promote something, a simple, descriptive link will do the job:

Rob Howard
Communications Strategist
Red Pixel Studios
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So do yourself and your recipients a favor – skip the images in your email signatures.