Cuatro – DNS Lookup App appears on App Store

Launching a Web site or troubleshooting pesky DNS issues just got easier with the launch of Cuatro – DNS Lookup for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Red Pixel Studios developed the Cuatro App to enable a user to verify the DNS of a domain name by simultaneously checking records from four different DNS services.
Cuatro enables a user to query the DNS service used by the device and quickly compare the result to the DNS records as seen by Google Public DNS, OpenDNS® and a user-selectable DNS service. The App checks the A record, NS record and MX record for a domain with an option to display the raw output from the DNS lookup. It also conveniently retains the last 100 queries and results.
An innovative graphical display allows the user to quickly determine if all DNS services return the same result or, if there are variants, how those are related.
In addition, the App displays the local IP and public IP of the device.
Cuatro is perfect for Web site administrators, developers or IT professionals when evaluating or troubleshooting DNS issues. It is extremely useful when launching a new site to verify that a DNS record modification is propagating to popular DNS services. Cuatro also lets a user conveniently check LAN responses to a domain request without having to use a computer.
Cuatro – DNS Lookup is available on the App Store for $0.99.