We Are Continually Testing Apps

We recently implemented a testing program for all apps developed on our infoApp platform to provide an extra layer of quality assurance.
We are now using bots every night to test each and every app that we’ve developed with infoApp. Each app gets tested on multiple devices, both physical and virtual, assuring that the app works on iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.
The bots visit every screen in every section of the app to make sure there is nothing that causes the app to fail. If it does, we get alerts immediately. Not that apps break all that often, but it is nice to know that if they do we will know first.
The bots let us know exactly where and what the issue is, so fixing it becomes a fast process.
In addition to testing each app every night, we test the apps every time that we update the framework. So even before we publish an update, we would know if that update breaks anything.
When needed, we can tighten the test cycle to test the apps continuously, say after a major update to the framework, for example. Plus, we are constantly adding more and more tests to make sure all the apps perform optimally. We have even begun testing apps for compatibility with iOS 8,  due to be released in Fall 2014.
Continual testing of your iOS app is just one of the many benefits of infoApp.