A responsive design for Baptist Health Madisonville

When Trover Health System in Madisonville, Ky., joined Baptist Health, based in Louisville, they came to Red Pixel Studios with a new logo and a new name: Baptist Health Madisonville.
Baptist Health Madisonville needed to convert their Web site with the new branding in an extremely short time frame. We had developed the Trover Health site so we were familiar with their extensive content and had ideas about how we could improve the site.
We resolved to deliver a site that would meet the needs of Baptist Health Madisonville patients – and the site editors – for many years to come. To meet that objective, we employed a responsive design for the Baptist Health Madisonville site.
Responsive design is an advanced development technique resulting in a dynamic web site that changes depending on the Web browser’s viewport. The layout and elements of the page will adjust depending on the width of the browser, allowing the same content to appear differently on phones, tablets, or traditional laptops and desktops. The page can even respond to whether a mobile device is being held for portrait or landscape viewing.
There are numerous advantages to responsive design, primarily that the same content is delivered to multiple devices without having to duplicate, diverge or abridge the message. A responsive site can reach a wider audience and still deliver content tailored to them. And it doesn’t rely on the complex and imperfect method of device detection.
Beyond using responsive design we developed a new structure for the content of the site to eliminate duplication and boost usability. We simplified the design and used larger text for improved readability, increasing the font size when the site is viewed on a smartphone browser.
In addition, we developed a healthcare provider directory that is administered using the WordPress CMS, equipped editors with the ability to manage the hospital’s quality indicators, and integrated a health library, pulling content from MedlinePlus.