White House recognizes Red Pixel Studios client for climate change campaign

One of our clients is being recognized as a Champion of Change today at the White House for their work educating K-12 students and the general public about climate change issues.
Dr. David Lustick is the principal investigator of both the ScienceToGo.org and Cool Science projects.  Red Pixel Studios worked with Dr. Lustick to develop a feature on the ScienceToGo.org site called “PaparOzzie” – a playful interactive app that let users take selfies or other photos, add images of Ozzie and his friends, and share them via social media and email.
The PaparOzzie Web app was a fun and interesting challenge for us. We are proud to know that our work is being recognized at the White House as part of larger educational campaign about climate change, and are thrilled for Dr. Lustick and everyone at ScienceToGo.org for earning this honor.
David Lustick is an Associate Professor of Science Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Graduate School of Education, where he conducts research on adult learning and climate-change communication.  As Principal Investigator on two informal-science learning projects, David leads a team of interdisciplinary professionals who are all dedicated to engaging communities with climate science.  Cool Science displays K-12 student artwork about climate change throughout the local transit authority in Lowell, MA.  ScienceToGo.org is a multi-faceted learning campaign on the Boston Subway featuring “Ozzie the Ostrich,” who engaged Bostonians with the reality, relevance, and hope associated with climate change.  Both projects utilize out-of-home media and social networks to engage the riding public with science-learning opportunities during their daily routines.
Check out the PaparOzzie project at sciencetogo.org/paparozzie.