RPS Real Estate app updated with real-time analytics, new platforms

Red Pixel Studios recently updated the RPS Real Estate app to add more platforms and incredible real time analytics.
The RPS Real Estate app is a powerful tool that gives real estate brokers or agencies their own app, letting them provide buyers with a complete, branded solution for searching their local real estate market. RPS Real Estate integrates with the local MLS and provides numerous opportunities for a buyer to connect with an agent in their group.
RPS Real Estate is now available for Android and Blackberry devices. Previously available for iOS devices (designed for both iPhone and iPad), with the two new platforms RPS Real Estate now is able to reach more than 95% of mobile users.
What’s more, the app is native to these platforms, so the user has a gratifying house hunting adventure on any device. There are no workarounds or web views that take away from the experience.
The addition of real-time analytics gives brokers and agents the ability to see who is using the app right now! The real-time report includes the number of users, their locations and the screens they view.
To see an example of RPS Real Estate, try out the L. Steve Castlen Realtors app, which lets you search the real estate market here in Owensboro.
Download the L. Steve Castlen Realtors app from the App Store.
Download the L. Steve Castlen Realtors app from Google Play.