RPS launches responsive sites for Commonwealth Health Corporation

Red Pixel Studios recently launched two Web sites for Commonwealth Health Corporation of Bowling Green, Ky.

The Urgent Care Bowling Green and Corpcare sites both feature responsive designs that target multiple device types by displaying content differently depending on the width of the browser’s viewport. So, page layouts and elements change to target phones, tablets, or laptops and desktops. The pages even transform instantly and dynamically whether a device is held in landscape or portrait mode or if a desktop browser window is extended or narrowed.
Vist the sites at corpcare.org and urgentcarebowlinggreen.com.
What’s particularly neat about these sites is the way the photographs at the top of the pages slide together as the viewport narrows, until the layout morphs into a more vertical form for display on phones.
In addition, the sites are set up using the same custom theme in a parent-child relationship. This enables Commonwealth Health Corporation to have a consistent look across the two sites and provides some economies of scale, since one site is based on the other with variations.
Built using WordPress, these new sites for Urgent Care Bowling Green and Corpcare give Commonwealth Health Corporation easy-to-manage tools to deliver their message to any consume regardless of the devices they use to connect to the Internet.