Red Pixel Studios announces Web site winners

Red Pixel Studios has selected the nonprofit organization for the Red Pixel Studios 11 Years Award, which grants the design and development of a Web site by the design firm.
The award was announced on May 1, 2012, to mark the eleventh year since Red Pixel Studios opened for business in downtown Owensboro.
Applications were accepted through May and a decision was made last week.
As it turns out, Red Pixel Studios selected two organizations for the award: New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services, Inc., and Owensboro Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition, Inc.
“As we were going through the applications two organizations really stood out,” said Eric Kyle, president of Red Pixel Studios. “We really admire the mission and work of both groups and feel that they can use our help with their Web presence.”
“When it came down to it we couldn’t pick one over the other, so we determined that we could – and should – build Web sites for both organizations,” added Kyle.
According to Kyle, 16 organizations completed entries for the Red Pixel Studios 11 Years Award.
“There were many worthwhile organizations that submitted applications and all of them are doing great work to improve our community,” said Kyle. “We are pleased with the response to the award and are grateful to everyone who took time to complete the application. We enjoyed learning about how they fulfill their missions.”
Kyle said that his team realized it could be a tough decision as the applications started coming in. “I guess in selecting two groups we kind of avoided that tough decision,” he noted.
Although designing and developing two Web sites will mean more work for the firm, Kyle said he and his team aren’t concerned.
“As we read about the work that all these groups are doing and the help they are providing, we were inspired,” he said. “They are the ones who are doing the hard work.”