NimbusUpdate available on Mac App Store

Red Pixel Studios today published its first app on the Mac App Store.
NimbusUpdate is an application for Mac OS X that delivers the benefits of a static, public IP address on networks where addresses are dynamically assigned.
It synchronizes your network’s address with CloudFlare-managed domain name records that you specify, adding the convenience of referencing your network by name instead of a series of numbers.
NimbusUpdate is a set-and-forget utility that essentially runs in the background, but is conveniently accessible from the Mac OS X menu bar, just in case.
NimbusUpdate emerged to fulfill a specific need for a client – the ability to connect to a server that did not have a static IP. NimbusUpdate enables them to be able to conveniently access that server with a name, not an IP address.
NimbusUpdate is available on the Mac App Store for $0.99.