Systems Development

Red Pixel Studios develops complex systems that manage and process data efficiently and securely, for web-based applications, desktop systems, and mobile platforms. We offer full stack systems development to create software applications for customized systems, database systems, or integrations with existing legacy software or third-party applications.

Web-based and desktop applications

We build web-based applications to give you portability and flexibility. Our obsessive attention to every detail ensures that your web applications will perform consistently and reliably across modern browsers, regardless of platform. We also develop desktop applications, which offer offline capabilities. Generally, web-based applications will have lower technological costs as there are no strict system requirements or need for installations.


In general, we follow the DevOps approach internally, which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery while ensuring high-quality software. With that said, we attempt to include the client as much as possible in the process, which then bleeds into the Agile approach. Importantly, different projects require different approaches, and we strive to make those as Agile as possible.


We approach systems from an evolutionary development angle, following the standard systems development life cycle. We tend to implement evolutionary or iterative prototyping, unless the project is so well defined there is little value on spending much time prototyping.

We evolve each one of the phases below, in multiple iterations, until we get a final project.

  • Preliminary analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems design
  • Development
  • Integration and testing
  • Acceptance, installation, and deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Evaluation

The cycle repeats with maintenance and evaluation. Most systems will require continual nurturing – an active system will rarely ever be considered “complete.” We aim to minimize the maintenance required by applying proper focus on analysis and design – crucial steps of the process that are often overlooked or minimized.


Security of the systems is critical. Red Pixel Studios integrates security considerations throughout the process of defining, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining the software application.

Developing with the future in mind

We attempt to future-proof the solutions as much as possible. We develop systems in a flexible way so they can adapt to the changes in their environments (coding language updates, new server technologies) as well as to expand to other platforms (what now is a website tomorrow may also be an app, or a desktop system with a distributed database).

While we build on our knowledge and experience with every system we develop, we approach each project from scratch, making sure we evaluate the most current options out there to prevent issues with re-using code that may get outdated soon.

Systems Development Examples

Kelcas Corporation

We developed a system that enables investors with the oil exploration company to keep up to speed on their performance anytime, and from anywhere in the world. Investors can use a mobile app or log in to a website to get secure access to production data and net revenues, as well as live video feeds of oil jacks on their properties.

We picked up from a previous system that was using older technologies, documented the system and performed a full stack development – from database development, to RESTful API, to front-facing clients.

We developed a web-based client/account management system for administrators, and for agents enables them to access their clients’ data through the mobile app or via the website. Clients can log in to the front-end to access account info, sign online contracts, and deposit money.

Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce

Engage Owensboro is a database system developed for the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce to more fully engage citizens by connecting talent to service opportunities.

The system, built on top of a WordPress website that we also developed, enables volunteer-minded people to register and complete a profile with their skills and experiences. The users can also choose from among the many service organizations that are affiliated with the program, or can choose to to work with any organization. When an organization recognizes a need, Engage Owensboro is able to more efficiently match people who have the required expertise to help.

RPS Text Messages

RPS Text Messages is a solution that we developed that gives a client an effective and cost-efficient method to directly communicate to an audience that subscribes to receive text messages. As part of our requirements, we determined that the system must be able to use any third party for the actual delivery of text messages, and must able to interface with multiple other systems, such as WordPress or a client’s custom system. Of course, the system needed to be secure as well as maintainable.

The system was developed to manage variables such as thresholds for messages so that we could ensure timely delivery of thousands of messages for multiple users of the system at any given time.

The system was developed well ahead of schedule and well below the budget of hours we set for the project. It has performed well, with outstanding uptime and very little maintenance required. When we decided to change our text message provider the system performed flawlessly, as designed.