Sweet 16: Trinity High School

Red Pixel Studios is donating a Web site to an Owensboro-area non-profit organization, in celebration of our Sweet 16 – our 16th year of business. The winner of the Sweet 16 Award will be determined by Facebook users through three rounds of voting starting March 12 and ending April 3. 

Note: Trinity High School did not advance in the Sweet 16. Still, we encourage you to learn about the organization and consider how you can help them with their mission.

Organization Name

Trinity High School

Year Founded



The mission of Trinity High School is to provide a spiritual environment together with a comprehensive educational program dedicated to faith formation in the Roman Catholic Church. Our goal is to prepare and empower students to become responsible members of family, Church and community, with lifelong learning, by integrating faith and service.


At Trinity High School, we seek to excel academically, spiritually, and socially. We offer many advanced courses and numerous dual credit college level courses. Our traveling classroom course allows students the opportunity to study abroad during their high school career. This program has been running strong since 2010 and has given 74 of our students an opportunity to travel to Italy, Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland and France. Our greatest accomplishments are our students. They are products of Trinity High School and we are proud to call each and every one of them our own. Through the years, our students have went on to become responsible members of the family, Church and community. That is our mission and we seek that goal daily.


Trinity High School is a non-profit organization and, as we all know, this status alone brings an ongoing effort to find the money to accomplish the mission of our school. Our school is blessed to reside in a community where its members believe in the mission and stand behind our advancement efforts. With the community behind us, our dedicated leaders, teachers, staff and students have a firm foundation.