Sweet 16: Tri-State Honor Dogs

Red Pixel Studios is donating a Web site to an Owensboro-area non-profit organization, in celebration of our Sweet 16 – our 16th year of business. The winner of the Sweet 16 Award will be determined by Facebook users through three rounds of voting starting March 12 and ending April 3. 

Note: Tri-State Honor Dogs did not advance in the Sweet 16. Still, we encourage you to learn about the organization and consider how you can help them with their mission.

Organization Name

Tri-State Honor Dogs

Year Founded



We are proud of our country and we want to give back by Honoring those that have risked their lives to keep us safe. Honor Dogs is a 501c3 Non-Profit that assists Veterans and 1st Responders to owner train their Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog. Our highly qualified trainers meet weekly with each Team in group training sessions to acquire exceptional obedience, manners, behaviors, and tasks trained to help each individual with their disability(s). Our Staff and Board Members are all volunteers, and our training and adopted dogs from local rescues are at no charge to each student. We rely solely on donations from our community to sponsor each Team enrolled in our program. It is our goal to serve each Team with the best dog, the best training, and the best support system that these men and women truly deserve.


We have been able to successfully pair dogs with families at no cost to the veteran or first responders in need service dog but could not afford the training necessary. There is a statistic that has been widely quoted in the veteran community that highlights an estimated 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. With providing them with service dogs to aid them with their disabilities, we can decrease that suicide rate, and ensure our generation avoids despair in the future.


Right now, we are needing volunteers for our annual fundraiser May 6, 2017 at the National Guard Armory and also any donations or sponsorships that would allow us to continue our mission and grow to be able to assist individuals in the community in need.

Anything Else?

We are not limited to just veterans, but also assist with police officers, firefighters, emts, with their disabilities mentally and physically; to be able to assist with everyday living and to provide a better quality of life.