Sweet 16: Munday Activity Center

Red Pixel Studios is donating a Web site to an Owensboro-area non-profit organization, in celebration of our Sweet 16 – our 16th year of business. The winner of the Sweet 16 Award will be determined by Facebook users through three rounds of voting starting March 12 and ending April 3. 

Note: Munday Activity Center did not advance in the Sweet 16. Still, we encourage you to learn about the organization and consider how you can help them with their mission.

Organization Name

Munday Activity Center, Inc.

Year Founded

Daviess County Senior Programs was founded in 1966 and obtained their tax exempt status in 1982, as the Elizabeth Munday Senior Center. In 2014 the organization was renamed the Munday Activity Center, Inc.


Munday Activity Center, Inc. provides and coordinates services and social activities for seniors that enhance their dignity, improve their independence and encourage their involvement in the community.


The Munday Activity Center, Inc. serves all seniors, age 60 and over in Daviess County. Each program we implement strives to ensure Seniors are given opportunity to remain active through a congregate meal, or home delivered meal, exercise, education, nutrition, advocacy, outreach, telephone reassurance, friendly visiting, benefits counseling, and even intervention and treatment for mild to moderate depression; ultimately enhancing dignity and improving independence. Homebound, as well as Seniors who visit our Center, are given equal access to services through our transportation program and through utilization of volunteers who visit the homes, which encourages their involvement within the community.


The MAC offers all services at no cost to the client. A suggested donation, often of just $1.50 per meal, ride, or activity, is made, and folks are able to participate regardless of donations. As with most non-profit organizations, the MAC is dependent on Federal, State, Local and United Way funding in order to operate. Funding is subject to availability and can be reduced at any time. Often, costs arise that require immediate attention, such as heat and cooling maintenance, building and vehicle repairs, technology updates, and equipment repairs. As you know, these costs are variable and cannot be avoided, leaving very little for anything else. Donations and in-kind support are so greatly appreciated.

Anything Else?

Our organization is working hard to be the location for seniors where their unique, individual needs are met. It’s our goal to provide a rich, fun, environment where seniors can come enjoy socialization, exercise, recreation, education, and experience the quality of services they deserve. In years past, we’ve been the best-kept secret in Daviess County, and we want to ensure when someone thinks of Senior Services, their first thought is the Munday Activity Center!