Sweet 16: Daniel Pitino Shelter

Red Pixel Studios is donating a Web site to an Owensboro-area non-profit organization, in celebration of our Sweet 16 – our 16th year of business. The winner of the Sweet 16 Award will be determined by Facebook users through three rounds of voting starting March 12 and ending April 3. 

Below is information about one of the eligible organizations.

Organization Name

Daniel Pitino Shelter, Inc.

Year Founded



The Daniel Pitino Shelter is a homeless shelter and soup kitchen that provides services to the most unfortunate of our community.

Our mission is from the Prophet Isaiah.
“Our God Says,
‘Share your bread with those who are hungry, And when you see people who have no home, give them a place to live.
Give clothes to anyone who needs them and be kind to your own family.
Then you will be like the morning light that comes after the darkness of night and your sins will be forgiven. You will call upon God to help you, and God will say, “Here I Am!”
Don’t hurt people by lying about them or saying unkind things about them. Give bread to the hungry and help those who suffer. When you do these things, your gloom will be changed to joy, and you will shine with the brightness of God’s light.”


We provide emergency shelter to over 275 individuals a year with about 25% being the children of our community.

On an annual basis we provide a transitional housing program to about 65 individuals, of which 25 are usually children of families. We offer this housing for a period of 2 years while delivering stabilization assistance.

Provide financial and housing assistance to disabled individuals or families to retain, acquire and maintain permanent housing thru our Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid rehousing programs.

Case management, child services and education on individual and group levels are offered to our residents to provide life skills and education training in areas of financial management, health and wellness, job readiness, overcoming addictions and other critical life issues.

At our St. Stephen soup kitchen, which is located on site, we provide a light breakfast and a full lunch to all community individuals in need. We serve about 350 plates on a daily basis.

We collaborate with governmental agencies along other community organizations that can provide specific requirements to meet any residents individual needs.


We face challenges daily with being able to provide the basic needs to each adult or child who find themselves without a home in our community. Funding cuts and the lack of affordable housing are obstacles we face on a continued basis. The Shelter would like to be able to provide everyone the chance to succeed at a better life and brighter tomorrow. The average resident needs to work at least 70 hours a week at the current minimum wage to just afford housing in our community!

Anything Else?

As a shelter, we work hard to address the needs of the homeless, to strive to make a difference, to give hope to the hopeless, food to those who are hungry and a hand to those reaching out.