RPS Destinations


An app to promote tourism for your city

RPS Destinations delivers an app to promote your destination and provide valuable information about visiting your community. Your app becomes an essential guide for travelers, giving them all the information they need for a long, comfortable stay.



Tours let you build stop-by-stop walking or driving excursions. 

  • Add beacons to enable check-ins and offer rewards for completing the tour.
  • Visitors can check a progress bar to see where they are in their fun-filled journey.



Itineraries let you plan the ideal schedule of the highlights of your community. Your visitors can also set their own unique agendas.

Custom Itineraries

  • Visitors build custom itineraries, setting their plans as they browse your app.
  • Visitors can plan trips with specific travel dates or create schedules to be used any time.
  • No limit on the number of itineraries that visitors can create.

Curated Itineraries

  • Tourism Directors provide curated itineraries – fully planned agendas for what to see and where to eat.
  • Create plans for any length stay: one-day trip, two-day trip, etc.
  • Develop schedules for any interest: History, Adventure, Culinary, Arts, etc.
  • No limit on the number of itineraries you can create.

Both curated and custom itineraries offer flexible scheduling and views.

  • Items can be scheduled by morning, afternoon, evening or night.
  • Details can be viewed by category, location, and time.



Immerse your visitors in an incredible 360˚ visual experience. Your app can display spherical images or videos that place users on location and surround them in the virtual environment of your local attractions, providing the ultimate preview of your community.

More Features


RPS Destinations delivers quality that is impossible to match at such a reasonable price. We don’t think you can find a better value for your marketing dollars, so there is no long-term commitment.

  • RPS App

    • $200/month
    • $1,000/setup
  • + Tours

    • $100/month
    • $1,000/setup
  • + Itineraries

    • $50/month
    • $500/setup
  • + 360˚

    • $50/month
    • $500/setup

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