Advanced Security provides extra protection for your site

The Internet is a war zone. Hackers are constantly working to attack Web sites around the world, hoping to exploit vulnerabilities to inject malicious code on those sites or prevent access to a site with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

You may not realize it, but your site is very likely involved. It is almost certain that hackers have made attempts to infiltrate your site at some point.

Advanced Security powered by Sucuri

Badge: Monitored by SucuriTo help keep your WordPress site safe, we offer Advanced Security powered by Sucuri – a monitoring and protection plan to strengthen your security posture.

Advanced Security powered by Sucuri may save your organization’s reputation and prevent the awful feeling of knowing your Web site has infected a customer’s computer with malicious software – and potentially save you thousands of dollars on remediation.


The monitoring platform is a custom remote scanning engine that provides continuous, near-to-real-time visibility into the security state of a Web site.

Domain Scanning

The scanning technology is built to crawl a domain and all its interlinking attributes every four hours, identifying various indicators of compromise that include but are not limited to:

  • Malware
  • Web Site Blacklisting
  • Injected SEO Spam
  • Phishing Lure Pages
  • Defacement
  • Malicious Redirects
  • Conditional Malware
  • Whois Changes
  • DNS Changes

Blacklist Monitoring

Every four hours, we scan your website against numerous blacklisting services including Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, McAfee, ESET, PhishTank, Yandex, SiteAdvisor BitDefender, SpamHaus and Opera. These services provide additional viewpoints into indicators of compromise, enabling a comprehensive view of the security status of a site.

Server Side Scanning

Each day, we scan every file and directory on your site, looking for any sign of compromise, complementing the website monitoring checks.


The protection platform is a custom Web-based defensive solution, built on multiple defensive layers and technologies. It is globally distributed via data centers around the world, providing enhanced performance and advanced Web site protection.

The protection platform defends against numerous threats that include but are not limited to:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • Software Vulnerability Exploitation Attacks and Attempts (i.e., SQLi, XSS, RFI / LFI, and other similar events)
  • The OWASP Top Ten security risks
  • Access Control Attacks (i.e., Brute Force attempts)
  • Advanced DDoS protection of layers 3, 4 & 7

In addition, the protection platform provides the benefit of improved site performance, which can lead to improved SEO.

Flat-Fee Remediation

With Advanced Security, if your site is compromised we will clean your site of all malware for only $100.


Advanced Security powered by Sucuri is available only to RPS Hosting for customers using WordPress. If you are looking for advanced security for your site visit